Our Staff Team

We are fortunate to attract people who are passionate, bright and committed to implementing the GS1 system so as to drive positive change. They are dedicated and play a big role to the "the behind the scenes work" that ensures smooth running of our business on behalf of our members.
General Manager Michael Musembi m.musembi@gs1kenya.org
Technical Manager Paschal Kasimu paschal@gs1kenya.org
Legal Officer Kendi Nthiomi kendi@gs1kenya.org
Corporate Communications Manager Eva Buyu eva@gs1kenya.org
Customer Care Executive Maureen Tracy Odhiambo m.tracy@gs1kenya.org
Customer Care Executive Faiza Rashid f.rashid@gs1kenya.org
Technical Executive Ben Kimathi ben.k@gs1kenya.org
Technical Executive Noelle Bommet n.bomett@gs1kenya.org
Accounts Executive Stephen miringu stephen.m@gs1kenya.org
Research & Development Assistant Manager Myriam Opicho m.opicho@gs1kenya.org
Training & Development Executive Ursula Okoth ursula.o@gs1kenya.org
Membership Executive Maryann Wakio m.mwakio@gs1kenya.org
Support Staff Lucy Kagendo