Frequently Asked Questions

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To join GS1 Kenya Membership, you pay some one off joining fee and a recurring annual licence fee.The fee you pay depends on your annual turnover. You can view our fee structure from our Membership Application Forms.

If you want unique, accurate, standards-based barcode numbers, then GS1 is the only organisation in the world that can supply you with legitimate numbers. Locally, GS1 Kenya is the only authorised source for GS1 barcode numbers.

Barcode number re-sellers do exist. These businesses have bought barcode numbers off other companies and try to on-sell them. Unfortunately, they threaten the integrity of the global GS1 system and create confusion in the global supply chain.

We strongly advise that you get your barcode numbers from GS1 Kenya. This will ensure that your numbers will be recognisable by all other parties in your supply chain.

GS1 Kenya membership registration is online kindly click on the link to register Register Here:

Yes. Retailers and marketplaces need to sell the right products to consumers. To do so, they need a clean catalogue of products, built on correct product identity.

Kidnly send an email to to see your membership renawal status.