Getting started

You can use many different GS1 services to enhance your supply chain. To obtain barcode numbers, you'll need to become a member first.
Join GS1 Kenya and Get Barcodes

Join GS1 Kenya membership

Depending on your annual turnover, you can get one barcode number or thousands.

You pay an annual licence fee for your barcode numbers at the start of every year. The fee depends on your turnover and the number of barcodes you've licenced.

Once you place an order you'll receive confirmation via email of your barcode numbers. We'll also send you helpful hints to get you started.

Membership Benefits

  • Ongoing use of unique GS1 barcode numbers
  • A wide range of complimentary (or discounted) training and support
  • Complimentary and discounted barcode verification
  • Member pricing on all GS1 Kenya services
  • Access to best practice information and standards for supply chain management
  • Gateway Magazine – our magazine offers members free updates and information on the GS1 standards and developments nationally and internationally.