Barcode Integrity

GS1 system is used by both manufacturers and retailers all over the world with the GS1 barcode recording over 5 billion scans per day on a global scale. In Kenya, GS1 Kenya has the sole mandate to administer the GS1 systems which includes barcodes and their numbering

GS1 Kenya numbering system

GS1 allocates numbers through the use of numbering prefixes which are provides to be administered at a national level by member organizations. Each member organization is usually assigned a unique prefix. GS1 Kenya prefix is 616.

Beware unauthorised numbering

Unauthorised barcode number sellers potentially undermine the integrity of the GS1 system, create confusion in the market and disrupt the functioning of supply chains in Kenya and overseas.

Please be aware that if you obtain your barcode numbers from an unauthorised source, you may suffer losses if you need to re-label or repackage your products, or if your products are rejected by your retail customer.